Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Yesterday's surprise

Emily arrived our house yesterday. Now Emily is special. There is a story.

Amy is really into AG dolls and has been on a couple AG related message boards. She convinced me to become a member of one of them. The other day I was reading a post from a woman who ordered her own AG doll, her first, I think. She is 41. So I got to thinking maybe I should do that. I pretty much talked myself out of it, but kept thinking about it. I even prayed about it, talked dh about it. What came to my mind was that having my own AG doll was a good relationship building tool with Amy. It really was a difficult decision, not in the life altering sense, by any means, but difficult in its own way. I was concerned about the cost although I did have birthday money, but I wondered if I should spend so much of it on a doll.
I finally decided to get one of the friends dolls because Amy doesn't have any of those. Emily is Molly's friend. Last Wednesday night Any and I sat at the computer picking and choosing what outfits to get. She even got tired! ; ) We did have a great time.

Now at risk of "protesting too much" I also want to say I fear being judged for my choice. Maybe I don't need to be concerned about that because my friends wouldn't do that. (I hope.) ; )


happymom4 said...

Let me be the first to congratulate you! It sounds like fun--I'd love doing something like that too! LOL! (Charity might even play with me if I did?!) Kristina sure would.

momawake said...

Thank you!!!

Autum said...

She's lovely!

Mom said...

I remember when you had a hiar style just like Emily. She was the right choice for you.

Mom to Anyone said...

What a fun mother - daughter thing to do. It's like having matching dresses, getting your ears pierced together or eating the same sundae. What a great idea! Enjoy!