Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Today's excitement

Details tomorrow.


Mom to Anyone said...

Well, that is suspenseful! (On purpose, I suppose.) You know, the picture made me think of the part in Anne of Green Gables when she is in the boat acting out the one story with her friends.

Hope said...

Another doll?!

Remember that "Voice of the Voiceless" blog?? We've been praying for them for months and now their blog got locked down--no warning. WAAHHH. I imagine it's because they got some news from Russia they didn't want to reveal to just anyone, but it's pretty tough to feel like you got shut out of a friend's life! Any ideas of how to contact them for permission to get an invite?? I don't suppose there is, but I'm not real "Blogger saavvy".

Mom said...

Did she win?