Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The day

My pile on the kitchen table got even teenier today. I found the trash can for a couple items, a file folder for a couple others.

Emily's dog, Yank arrived today, along with Coconut. I decided to sell the Coconut, so it's listed on ebay.

I had an eye appointment today. My eyes are in great shape, but my reading vision needs an adjustment. New glasses coming up, I guess.

I also had an x-ray taken of my lower back, tail bone area to see why it hurts so much. If that doesn't show anything, then I'm hoping to get an MRI done.


~E said...

I hope you're feeling better. Back pain is tough. I'll pray nothing serious is wrong.

Amy said...

I hope that your back stops hurting soon... :-/ You're not very much fun when you're in pain. >:-D
Yank is so cute...and I hope that Coconut sells so you can get the lighter kind like you want.