Monday, March 3, 2008

What I'm sewing

The title should probably say "What I've sewn." Here are a few items I've done over the last week or so.

Last week I started this bag with sewn with remnant fabric. It's got all kinds of pockets inside. I finished it on Saturday.

On Saturday I made this table runner for St. Patrick's Day. I did a little quilting around several of the clovers.

Today I made this zippered pouch. The idea came from a book called Bend-the-rules Sewing by Amy Karol. Her method works, but is a little complicated. I found another one I'm going to try. It looks easier.

Future projects include more doll clothes and grocery bags. (My corduroy swing coat is still on hold because it's way too big and I'm trying to decide how to fix it, one of my least favorite things to do.) I have yet to start Learn to Knit lesson 2. Soon maybe.

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Mom said...

I just love seeing your creative genious at work!