Monday, March 3, 2008

What I'm reading

I'm reading these as well as quilting books and magazines, a couple knitting books and I just checked out from the library Racketty-Packetty House by Frances Hodgson Burnett. It looks like it was published in 1906. From the inside cover:

"Now this is the story about the doll family I liked and the doll family I didn't. When you read it you are to remember something I am going to tell you. This is it: If you think dolls never do anything you don't see them do, you are very much mistaken. When people are not looking at them they can do anything they choose. They can dance and sing and play on the piano and have all sorts of fun. But they can only move about and talk when people turn their backs and are not looking. If any one looks, they just stop. Fairies know this and of course Fairies visit in all the dolls' houses where the dolls are agreeable. They will not associate, though, with dolls who are not nice. They never call or leave their cards at a dolls' house where the dolls are proud or bad tempered. They are very particular. If you are conceited or ill-tempered yourself, you will never know a fairy as long as you live."

I should also mention I'm almost finished listening to Rilla of Ingleside, by far the most serious of the eight books as it deals with WW I.

I am in need of more books to listen to, so if you have any suggestions of light hearted books let me know. I'm not into deep stuff while I'm listening and sewing at the same time.

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Mom to Anyone said...

Elizabeth Enright is a good author. I think you would enjoy her books. I have been listening to books on CD too. I have enjoyed it more than I would have thought I might. It's so efficient too=)