Friday, March 14, 2008

Sew Crafty Friday

Molly in her new dress for St. Patrick's Day.

Molly's also modeling the larger doll shawl I knitted. The first one I did wasn't quite large enough, so I made this one about 4 inches bigger.

Here are the six grocery bags I finished this week. I actually used them yesterday while grocery shopping.


Terri said...

Very nice! I love the fabric for the grocery bag.

Amy said...

Thanks so much for making Molly's dress. I really like it!
The grocery bags are fun too...saving money and being crafty...that's the wya to go!

Anonymous said...

Could you recommend a good starter pattern for the doll clothes? My daughter is just starting to sew, and would love to make clothes for her dolls. I've made a few matching things for her and her dolls, but I never use a pattern.. I think she should start with a pattern. TIA!

momawake said...

My dd recommends Simplicity 5420. My thoughts are that Simplicity patterns are the easiest. I've used 4268 & 3886 for Bitty Baby and AG dolls. Make sure you hold the bodice pieces up to the doll to know how much bigger to make it. I have had to make them all a bit bigger.