Monday, March 10, 2008


Last week a friend and I were discussing piles of stuff. I was saying that I don't think I could "survive" without my piles. If things are put away I don't know where they are. She showed me her pile organizer. I wondered if that would work for me. Now knowing me, like I do, I doubt it. But I decided to try. Staples has a sale on desk organizers this week, so we went there to get this Desk Apprentice. I got it for 25% off. It was the only one on the shelf, so maybe it was meant for me?

I just had to get Emily in on the action.

Can you believe how neat that looks?

I think she's pleased. I know dh is happy! Now for being disciplined. I know it will be hard for me since I've had piles most of my life, but I am committed to making it work! Now off to clean the remainder of the piles from the kitchen table, counter, desk....


Anonymous said...

File by pile and post-it note. That will continue to be my motto until my post-its fail me. How is your computer doing? We went through that a few months ago. My husband has done a lot of programming, so he was able to fix the computer, but it was a stressful week for sure. You don't realize how dependent you are on technology until something like that happens.

Polly said...

Good luck. I can't seem to unpile myself. :-) I might actually miss them if I did. I should send you picture of my pile organizer. It's a tin roaster. I dump my piles into it. Bethany occasionally goes through it and throws away the obvious things. Works well for me. :-)

momawake said...

First of all our computer is slowly coming back. Dh spent this evening loading things we discovered weren't there. I know he's tired of it. We were also wondering what "normal" people do who know nothing about computers.

Second, there is no way I'd let dd go through my piles and throw stuff away!!

Third, there still is a small, teeny actually, pile on the kitchen table of a few things I just don't know what to do with. Ack!

Mom to Anyone said...

I don't like clutter, am not a pack rat, but I *still* have piles. They are made of things that don't have (or need) an official home but need to be kept (at least for a while.) You are nice to call them "piles;" at my house they're "dumps."

Amy said...

In Reply to Momawake's Comment:
Well! It's not like I would throw away your stuff without asking you first!!
End reply to Momawak's Comment

And I do have to admit that it does look quite nice over there...but my pile's still smaller than your pile!!! :-D :-D Ha! (just kidding ;-)

Mom said...

It must be inherited! Any type of file system I have tried hasn't worked for me. There is always the misc. stuff that always seems important until you go through the pile much later and come to terms with the fact it never was needed. My problem with files is that it hides what needs doing. Then I forget to do it. At least the pile stares at me until I take the appropriate action - the round file!