Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm still here...

This weekend we were busy with Amy's birthday. Her birth-mother and siblings came to help us celebrate.

Other than that we're still doing school. Tomorrow we have our annual assessment. I think we'll be finished with the year by August. I hope to take that whole month off and start up after Labor Day again.

I have not been sewing lately, but I need to finish the quilt and have others to start. My addiction to Farm Town has kept me busy with that, although that's starting to wane quite a bit. I had a friend suggest that I should sew (or whatever) for an hour then take a 20 break for Farm Town. I might just take her up on that. :)

Our garden is not doing very well. It's been too cool and wet for the tomatoes and I think everything else is dead. DH said the onions are the only thing thriving. It's supposed to be warmer this week, so that'll help with the tomatoes.

I'm currently reading Liberty and Tyranny A Conservative Manifesto by Mark R. Levin. When I put it on hold at the library I was in 179th place (or somewhere near that). It's mostly an overview of what conservatism looks like.

Also reading The Establishment and Limits of Civil Government An Exposition of Romans 13:1-7. James M. Willson wrote it in the mid 1800s. I'm not too far into that one yet as it's not a library book with a due date. The back of the book says,

"Civil government continues to increase in authority, power, and scope. Too many Christians are under the false impression that they are obligated to endure the legislative acts handed down by government officials no matter how evil they may be. This is a simplistic and dangerous reading of Paul's instructions in Romans 13. Elected officials are as equally bound to distinguish between good and evil in the area of civil government as are unelected citizens. Being a ruler offers no exemption. James Willson's exposition of Romans 13 is a much needed antidote to both the advocacy of passivity and rebellion that some are inclined to take." Gary DeMar

And lastly I'm reading the new Sisterchicks book In Wooden Shoes. It's my before-bed pleasure reading.

I do have a puzzle in progress also. I'll post pictures of the latest ones in another blog.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Waynesville trip

We spent Monday & Tuesday with our friends exploring a little bit of our state. On Monday we went straight to the hotel so the girls could swim (in their Wholesomewear swimsuits). I'm sure they exhausted themselves with fun. Tuesday we went to the Fabric Shack in Waynesville. That place is amazing; they pack quite a bit of fabric in a relatively small space. If money (and time for projects) was no object one could spend thousands of dollars buying up all the luscious fabric. I can honestly say it was very difficult to choose and to stop choosing. After doing our share of helping the economy we briefly toured the little town. We ate lunch at a little cafe where the man working there was the furniture refinisher, I think he said. His wife runs the cafe, but took the day off. The poor guy was a bit ruffled, but handled our order just fine. He seemed to be a nice, personable man with a bit of a sense of humor. After lunch we drove north to Carriage Hill MetroPark. I drove part of the way in a torrential downpore. Once there we went through only the main building because that's all we had time for. There was a section including history of the farm, an old-fashioned schoolhouse and farmhouse area for the children, and a General Store.

The three girls were able to buy candy for only pennies and each got a dollar's worth. It was their turn for "hard-to-choose."

From there we drove to Columbus to get dinner and go to Archivers before heading our separate ways. Archivers was another place where we thought we could spend way more money than we should. I think we restrained ourselves pretty well.

All in all we had a lovely time and are looking forward to doing it again in another year or so. We should start saving our money now. Meanwhile, we've both got sewing projects to do.