Sunday, March 30, 2008

Homeschool conference

Just got back from a homeschool conference yesterday. I went with a friend this year. We really had a great time, learned a lot and I hope we'll both grow from it. : )

I learned a few things from the weekend, like I need to move dd toward independent learning even if it's hard and I don't really want to.
I learned that I need to place greater importance on my marriage, even a great marriage can stand improvement!
I learned that I'm doing a few things right, like using great books.
I learned how to outline a paragraph using the "key word" method.
I learned I need to be just a tad less lazy about school, but only a tad. ; )
I decided to purchase a writing program for dd. She loves to write and I'd like to help her to be an excellent writer.
I decided our history program isn't really broken it just needs a little adjustment.
I decided we need to add something to improve the areas critical thinking and biblical worldview. I've got some ideas, but need to keep praying.
I discovered I love to spend money, especially on books, books and more books.
I discovered I miss my family when I'm away. They were both very sick the entire time I was gone. : (
My two favorite speakers were Andrew Pudewa and Jim Weiss. I also heard Gary DeMar. His sessions were ok, but not great. I going to read his books some day to see if they are better. I read articles of his and I really like them, so maybe his books will be good.

I've pasted the following from an email I sent to a friend.
Oh and I've got a story from the conference. Last year we went to several of Jim Weiss's sessions and thoroughly enjoyed each one. He's a story teller. ( So this year I went to only one session of his on using G.A. Henty and other greats to teach history. In this talk, Jim spoke of the importance of history and gave an example of Harry Truman as a poor, uneducated (college) man, but he loved history and was well read in it. In his description of Truman he mentioned that he was from Missouri or for those who are from there "Missoura." I immediately got tears in my eyes. My grandparents were from there and always said "Missoura." My dad still does. There was a deep, albeit small, connection to my life. Later, I went to Jim's booth to tell him about it, which I did with many, many tears (I absolutely hate to cry in front of people like that, but it could not be helped.) But I did get it out and thanked him for it and I told him I love the way he connects with his audiences. We talked a little more and then he walked around to the front of his table and asked me if I had his Tom Sawyer CD (for some reason I thought he was going to try to sell me something.) I said we had bought a few things last year, but we didn't have that one. So he said, "here l want you to have this." He picked that one because the setting is in Hannibal, MO. He was grateful that I told him about my experience from his session.

I got home and told dh and dd about it and had to cry through that telling. I called my dad to tell him about it and still got teary, but not crying. My sis was there so I told her about it also because my grandparents were special to her as well.

Anyway, it was very moving even though it was such a small thing. Actually, only one letter--the "i" to the "a"--but such a sweet reminder of my grandparents.


SingingMamaDee said...

Hi Momawake,
I thought you might enjoy my interview with Andrew Pudewa on my blog. You can get there by going to The Classical Scholar then go to the page "Archives" and look under "Communicating Well" where you'll find Andrew Pudewa. I also noticed that you mentioned critical thinking in your post today, and I have been writing an entire series on how to raise a critical thinker which you might enjoy. Blessings for a great day in our Lord!

Diane Lockman
The Classical Scholar

The Happy Housewife said...

I love homeschool conferences. Ours is in June, I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

I love Tom Sawyer! My Dad used to read it to my brother and me when we were kids. He's a powerful storyteller. My great-grandma and all of my great-great aunts were from St. Joe, MO. I too have lots of sweet memories of Missoura spending time with old ladies playing cards.

momawake said...

Wow! Such a small world. That's near where my dad grew up. I still have relatives in St. Joe. So cool!