Saturday, October 11, 2008


For my dreaming friend.

"Some dreams and wishes, I believe, are of the dormant, time-released variety. They aren't forgotten over many years or through many changes in life. They don't shrink during their hibernation. They simply wait to come true when the dreamer and the wisher need to believe all over again." p. 1

"That's when I understood that sometimes a hibernating dream or dormant wish must be ushered out of its cavelike sleeping chambers and nudged right up to the cliff's edge of possibility. It must take a deep breath and step off the edge into nothing but untamed air. In that risk-taking moment, the wish just might discover its wings and fly." p. 2

From Sisterchicks Go Brit! by Robin Jones Gunn


happymom4 said...

Uh huh! (Nods head vigoriously!)

I let C read that Sister Chick book and she loved it. ;-) Just like her Mama!

Mom said...

Sounds familiar! Did you get the book back?

momawake said...

Yes, I did get the book yesterday. Thanks! I'm already almost halfway through it.