Monday, October 6, 2008

Date Night Special

A couple weeks ago dh & I were walking the Target store just looking. They had these dishes marked down from $40 to $20. Oh, I thought they were so cute, but neither one of us thought we should spend the money. So we walked on and left them at the store. Last Friday we're doing our Target walk (it's a shopping walk, not an exercise walk.) at a different Target. We came across the set again only this time they were $10. I am a sucker for "cute" but I'm really a sucker when "cute" is a great price! The 16 piece set ended up in the cart, in the car, in the house, in the dishwasher, and into the cabinet tomorrow. They'll most likely be on the table at suppertime.


Mom to Anyone said...

That's when a splurge isn't quite so bad - it was a BARGAIN!

Mom said...

Good thing you didn't get them through Pampered Chef. They would have eaten your retirement up!

Christine said...

Those are very cute. I absolutely love polka dots! And, I a dish junkie, however, at this moment, I do not need any more dishes!