Sunday, June 1, 2008

Washing Machine

I'm in the market for a washing maching that will last a while. The one we have now is leaving brown flakes all over the clothes especially on the delicate cycle and handwash cycle. Of course, the delicate cycle is the one I use all the time. I recently ruined a matelesse bedspread.

So Consumer Reports says the front loaders are best. According to CR, "The U.S. Department of Energy now requires washers to use 21 percent less energy, a goal we wholeheartedly support. But several major manufacturers are meeting the new standard in part by lowering wash-water temperatures, which often lowers performance. Traditional top-loaders with center-post agitators are having the hardest time, with some leaving our stain-soaked swatches nearly as dirty as they were before washing. Most top-loaders received only mediocre washing scores, and some had the lowest scores we’ve seen in years." Thank you very much!!

The reviews I've read on say that some front loaders will vibrate your house to death.

We are leaning toward the Bosch Nexxt 500 series, but I really don't know what to do. I briefly considered getting a wringer washer like my grandma used to use. ; ) Or how about this one.

I'd like to hear your comments on what washing machine I should get. Help me out.


Hope Anne said...

Pray about it! That's my best advice. ;-)

momawake said...

Been doing that. : )

Anonymous said...

Attention washer wringer. EXEMPLE:

Christine E. said...

Well, I love my front loader...but it does rock the house. I don't notice it much though.

It also requires big loads. Running small loads is not the best for the washer.

In general, it is very gentle, but, if I overload it it has been known to rip clothing.

In general though, I love the capacity and the cleaning power.

Mom said...

I had a similar problem and all I needed to do was use vinegar and clean the washer tub and agitator. First I filled the tub with water then poured more water in until it was almost full. I put in a whole bunch of vinegar (I didn't measure.) and let it sit for a long time (I don't remember if it was overnight or several days.) Then I used a toothbrush and scrubbed all the surfaces, even tipping the tub all around to scrub around the outside of the top of the tub. I let it empty, picked out some of the bigger pieces of "stuff," then refilled it on rinse. It was as god as new! That was the old washer. My new one is starting to have a buildup so I am trying to keep it clean before it gets so bad. My new washer is not nearly as durable as the old one. Think twice before you go for a new one. fmhkce

Anonymous said...

First time reader from Cheri's blog. Just purchased a washer/dryer set, front loaders, after a great deal of research. Ended up getting a whirlpool sport duet, and they are unbelievably great. I have a friend with a Bosch set, and she says its terrific. No complaints from the Bosch or Whirlpool Duet Sport as far as vibrating goes. I believe that the risers with the drawers really help with the vibrating madness. Hope this post is of some help to you!