Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Party

Amy & I made paper chains out of scrapbooking paper. For less than $2 we had very cute looking chains. Joann had a sale on paper.

The guests.
Amy had worried and prayed about the weather. She really wanted to swim. It turned out to be warm enough for a bit in the afternoon. Thanking God for that. : )
Later, in between the raindrops, they played the beanbag toss.
Singing to the birthday girl.
While we were eating dinner there was a tornado warning, so we watched the weather carefully and continued eating. There was plenty of rain and wind to accompany our meal. It certainly was an eventful weather day; we had sunny and warm to stormy and chilly.
Overall the party was a success.


Mom said...

Isn't God good to tend even to the slightest details. So glad you had a perfect party.

Bethany Joy said...

Sounds like it all turned out well. I'm glad that she had fun!