Monday, June 2, 2008


I just love seeing new things the birds are doing. This is a first for our little bird bath. It came with the science kit I ordered. (Just the plastic tray.)

We've been entertained by a family of house finches. The young ones must be learning how to eat from bird feeders. ; )

We also have house wrens in the birdhouse. That's also a first. Their song is very distinctive. We're up to 29 birds we've seen around our house. I added the house wren last week.

Next weekend the purple martin house goes up. We may not get any this year, but we'll see.

Chippy has planted many sunflower seeds in our flower pots and the deck. I'm not sure if he was hiding them for later or what, but I pulled them all up.


Mom to Anyone said...

I was in southern IN over the weekend. One of the things I noticed was the abundance of bird songs in the air. I guess you take that for granted when you hear it all the time. Enjoy the birds, and thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

We are enjoying watching the birds in our backyard, too. Your splashing robin is adorable! 29 kinds... that's a lot! I think I should try listing our birds, too.