Friday, June 20, 2008


Happy Birthday!
For Amy's birthday I put together a scrapbook of pages sent to me (at my request) from family and friends, the women and girls in her life. I had asked them to give her well wishes and/or advice. It was a fun surprise for her. The last few pages were of the AG girls saying "happy birthday" and announcing the next present. Then a picture of Kirsten. (She was an ebay rescue, although she's in pretty good shape.) With that page was a clue to where Kirsten could be found.

Kirsten was waiting patiently in the sitting room.

The next clue sent us to the work room. Kirsten needed some clothes. : ) (Also an ebay find.)

After getting dressed Kirsten took us to the living room where we found her accessories.

The next clue sent us back to the family room where Kirsten's quilt set was waiting. It was the biggest surprise for Amy. She never expected it.

Last came the birthday brownies along with the candles and our beautiful singing of "Happy Birthday." I admit I wasn't exactly prepared for the candles and dd helped by insisting they be there, then she helped stick them in. : ) It was a pretty nice birthday, I think.


Mom to Anyone said...

Sounds like a fun day!

BrasherGirl said...

Hello. I visited your blog today and decided to stop and wish your daughter a very Happy Birthday from Alabama. Have a blessed day!

Mom2fur said...

What a wonderful birthday for such a beautiful little girl! I bet she'll remember it forever!
PS--thanks for the tip about the row counter! I'll have to find myself one of those.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! It looks like you guys had a wonderful day.

Bethany Joy said...

I'm so glad that Amy had a great 13th birthday! How did her party go? It was really good saying, "Hello", to her on her birthday.