Friday, April 18, 2008

Warm spring day

I'm quite sure no one wants to see a picture of my feet, however my feet signify that we've had our first day warm enough to be barefooted.

This one is much prettier. ; )

I've spent the week scrapbooking. I'm caught up to a year ago. So I feel good about my progress. I'm hoping to keep the momentum goin to finish last years pictures at least up until the Hawaii trip of last Nov. I guess we'll see how much I get done before the sewing machine starts calling me.


cheri said...

We are supposed to have a warm weekend. I don't know that I will break out my sandals, since there is still snow on the ground but I may live dangerously and wear my Crocs without socks (hey that rhymes!).

My neighbor and dear friend Ann left a comment for you on my Friday post. Thought you might want to read it....

Amy said...

"Ann! Ann! I am calling you! Please come back and finish your darling daughter's white doll blouse!" - Sewing Machine. *Clears Throat suggestively* - Darling Daughter. :-D
And very pretty hiacyinths (sp?) as well.

The Happy Housewife said...

I have those sandals! I wore them yesterday! My feet are happy to be free!