Saturday, April 12, 2008

Birdwatching outfit

Emily is wearing the birdwatching outfit I found on ebay. It's actually Samantha's Birdwatching outfit that AG retired. I didn't know there was such a thing until I was doing a search for Samantha dolls to see much they are going for. Being the bird lover I am I knew I wanted this outfit for Emily.
It came with binoculars that do work. Amazing. I have plans to make a dress that better coordinates with the coat and hat as it didn't come with a dress.
Oh and lest you think I don't do anything else in my life...
Today I vacuumed, cleaned a bathroom, did some laundry, made salad dressing & sausage, ran an errand or two, scrapbooked a bit, uploaded some things to itunes, and played a game with my family.


Hope said...

Sounds like your life is full and fun!

All I did on Sat. was clean and clean and clean some more. . . . but I'm enjoying having things more the way I like them again! ;-)

momawake said...

I pretty much never clean and clean and clean. LOL! A little on Friday and a little on Saturday, more if we're having company.

cheri said...

Hi momawake! Thanks so much for reading my blog and occasionally leaving comments!

Regarding the move...yes, I'm sad. But in light of Phil. 4:8, I'm focusing on the positive. My folks are having health issues (Mom - Alzheimers, Dad - diabetes) and we feel that God has called us and enabled us to go be near them.

I'll blog more about the sad/glad/ aspect of the move later this week.

cheri said...

Would you please thank Amy for visiting my blog?

Amy said...

Your welcome, Cheri!! :-)