Sunday, April 20, 2008

Flowers at our house

We just bought a little Forsythia bush yesterday. The weatherman in Columbus always used to say, "Three snows after the Forsythia bloom."

The pansies I picked out to sit on the deck so I can see them from the kitchen.

The daffodils make a great addition to the front yard.

DD's picked out these pansies who she named Rojo and Ruby.

DD discovered these Hyacinths in the front flower bed by the street. You can't see it too well from the house, so we didn't know they were there.


Mom to Anyone said...

Spring is deliciously exhilarating! My favorite part of Spring was always walking around and looking for flowers that were pushing through the ground. It was like Christmas morning. The handiwork of God is apparent in the Spring.

Mom said...

Two things particularly impress me about God's handiwork: the marine life that is so varied and colorful and the plants, especially the variety of flowers. We see only a small part of each in one part of the world, but worldwide there is unbelievable creativity and beauty. Thanks for sharing such wonderful pictures.

momawake said...

I think about God's handiwork when it comes to birds.

Betania said...

Wow, so pretty! What an over abundant of vibrant color!