Sunday, April 6, 2008

Emily's very late Easter Egg Hunt

DD got the "girls" outside yesterday for a much delayed Easter Egg Hunt. Apparently, Emily found the most eggs and won a prize. Amy has so much patience to move all the dolls into position, take their picture(s), then do it all again. I know she has fun and I'm enjoying the end result.

Emily's dog, Yank, got to go along also.

Emily winning the prize bunny. You can see her little bag I made stuffed with eggs. : )
Maybe next time Amy and the "girls" have a photo shoot they'll let me participate. Hint, hint...


Anonymous said...

What a fun photo shoot. It reminds of those Blythe doll postcards.

Amy said...

Hey, I never said you COULDN'T participate...but you were sick and I didn't think you WANTED to participate! But you were welcome anyhow!