Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Spruce buds.

These lovely little flowers belong to the prolific weed, Creeping Charley. It's another of dh's "favorites." The only thing I like about it are the flowers. If you click on the picture to make it bigger you might notice the butterfly shapes on the flower. That is so cool! Something to praise God for in this hardy weed.

Birch buds. These are actually about 2 inches long and maybe 1/4 inch around. When I first saw the picture I thought they were huge. I asked dd to show me where they were, that's when I discovered they are relatively small.
I'd say we're enjoying homeschooling at it's finest. : ) BTW, dd took all these pictures in her noticing quest. The ladies at the Noticing Project blog have invited guests to send "noticing" pictures all this week. http://noticingproject.wordpress.com/ DD and I have pictures on day two.


Amy said...

Personally, I would'nt mind having my lawn overtaken by pretty purple flowers, but I guess if it actually happened, I would think differently. :-) And those birch buds do look rather big in the pictures, don't they? :-/

Amy said...

P.S. Wow - I just saw the little butterfly shapes!! That is so cool!