Monday, December 10, 2007

What I'm reading

I have a friend whose husband reads a lot. One time she was telling me that he has multiple books going at one time. I remember commenting on how I'd never be able to do that because it'd get too confusing. Then I "discovered" that I do that all the time. I read about a book, put it on hold at the library then end up with a couple that way. I'll also read about a book, find it for a great price, buy it, then have three to read. I went so far as to save a library list on the computer so I can just add books I want to read to that. I try to work from that list,'s helped a little, but as you can see, right now I've got three going. All of which are good. DH even read Phil Vischer's book and enjoyed it. He was actually moved by the story.

Here's a poem from this website.
Bibliopiles by Carmon Friedrich (Dedicated to my friend, Laura D., who knows exactly what I mean. With apologies to every published poet, both living and dead.)

Books in piles, books in stacks, Books face down with broken backs.
("Use a bookmark!" Mother pleads—Son grunts back while he reads.)
On the nightstand, on the floor; Look above the bathroom door,
Where paperbacks fit just right, Not out of mind, not out of sight.
Musty, dusty, some pristine, Shelves are groaning, precariously lean.
(Hear that crash—what was that? Has anybody seen the cat?)
Authors obscure, some of renown, Some bring on smiles, others a frown.
Every genre, old and new; Books with pictures, not a few.
"Do you have a system to read them all?A to Z—short to tall?"
What! Start at 'A' and then go on? Perish the thought—do books make you yawn?
(Wodehouse, Wise-Brown, Wilder I'd never see—I'd still be stuck way back in 'B'!)
Come on kids, hop in the car! We don't have to drive too far.
First to the library, then to the store; We need some books, let's get some more.

That pretty much sums it up. ; )

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Bethany Joy said...

Yeah...books, books, books. You got to love books!