Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas sewing

Here's what I had worked on for months before Christmas for Amy. The fabric is from Fabric Obsession. It's a fabric she really liked.

This is Amy's jelly bag in the background, three of the nine doll-sized bags, a quilt for Bitty Baby and a little quilt for Bitty Bear.

The little bags.
Josefina modeling one of the bags.

Amy's jelly bag. She was so surprised and loved it.

Her reaction. Beautiful!

Bitty Bear's quilt.

Bitty Baby's and Bitty Bear's quilt.

I think all the "girls" like their bags and quilts. BTW--Amy is collecting AG dolls, if you can't tell. : )


Mom to Anyone said...

How fun is that! And beautiful too. Don't you love those excited and genuine smiles?! I bet it was worth every hour and every stitch!

Bethany Joy said...

The fabric is just adorable! I got fabric to make a jelly bag for Christmas too! Well, we're heading off for Nebraska and Colorado today, so I won't be on here for a while. Have a Happy New Year!

Mom said...

I am behind the times AGAIN! What is a jelly bag? It is very pretty. Do you carry jelly around in it? If so, Why? Is it supposed to look like jelly? Help!

momawake said...

A jelly bag is made with fabric that has been cut into strips. The strips have been rolled together in a jelly roll and sold that way. The kit I used to make a bag earlier in the year was called a jelly roll bag kit meant to be bought with the jelly roll fabric. But when I make the bags I just buy the fabric and cut the strips myself.

Mom said...

Will my education never cease! Thanks for the lesson.

happymom4 said...

WOW==what a lot of love and work you put into that!!! I bet too Amy was thrilled!

I'll gladly tell the blog world that I'm the happy recipient of one of those handy dandy jelly bags too--thanks again! ;-)