Monday, December 17, 2007

It snowed!!

It started snowing on Sat. about noon. It seemed to come all of a sudden. So what do you do when it starts snowing? You head to the library to get the books you have on hold. I actually had hubby take me there. He's wonderful!

We weren't able to go to church for the second week in a row due to weather, so again we had family worship. We listened to a John MacArthur sermon on the lineage of Christ, sang a few Christmas carols, read from God's word in Colossians 1 about the preeminence of Jesus and had our normal family prayer time. So despite missing the fellowship of our church we had a good day.

The other thing we do when it snows is watch the birds flock to the feeders. On Friday we knew it was supposed to snow, so wonderful hubby went out and filled all the feeders to the brim. Then on Sunday we discovered the bluejays were in search of our whole peanuts, so Amy get her boots on and trudged across the snowy deck to put the peanuts out.

I hadn't made paper snowflakes for years, but for some reason I got the idea to make a few while we were watching The Grinch last night. Amy got in the act also. She even made a few doll sized ones. Making memories--gotta love it.


happymom4 said...

We stayed in Sunday too due to weather and hubby being sick--had to try to get him well enough to fly out to CT that night! He got frequent doses of Emergen-C and "Potent C Powder" (from Trillium--stout stuff!) It worked enough to unclog his head to the point that he flew without getting drastically worse, thankfully!

Bethany Joy said...

The snowflakes look like fun! We made some as well this year and hung them on our windows! We also got 5-6 inches of snow here! I just haven't had time to blog on it.

Mom said...

I see you have both House Finches and Gold Finches and Junkos. I have seen Gold Finches here, but the House Finches seem to disappear in the winter. I am still seeing the Red Breasted Nut Hatch from time to time, and the Junkos. Your paper snow flakes turned out nice.

Shereen said...

Hi, I followed you here from the Charlotte Mason group. I just wanted to say hello and say that I love that second picture of the finches at the feeder. The snow looks beautiful falling around them. I noticed that you also sew. We have Sew Crafty Friday at my blog, obviously on Fridays, just in case you would like to share anything crafty you have done during the week. I can't wait to show my children your bird pictures and the snow. We live in south Florida now. We used to live up north, so my younger two have never seen snow. Thanks for sharing.