Saturday, December 15, 2007


Amy made several dozen for the Keepers at Home meeting on Monday night. I only helped a little. I think I'll get the clean-up job. ; ) She did a great job!


Mom said...

Oh my! I have to get away from those cookie pictures! The cookies are picture perfect - and way too inviting! I bet they disappear in a flash. Perhaps you should save back a few for Santa!

Mom to Anyone said...

Wow! The powdered sugar/chocolate ones - we call them snowdrop - are John's favorite. His mom always made them, and we have never gotten them quite like hers. We try every Christmas season, though. Kudos to Amy!

Amy said...

At the swap, we get to get three plates of cookies, one for a friend/neighbor, one for family and one for us.
And Mom let me keep 1 dozen of the powdered sugar/chocolate we bring home any that we have left. So we'll have plenty for Santa!! :) :)