Thursday, December 20, 2007


I wish I had pictures to post tonight showing what I got done today, but the lighting isn't good now. I try to post something tomorrow.

I'm sort of in between sewing projects and I really felt I needed something to do (I know, I know, I could have been cleaning or some such lofty thing.). Today I actually got five scrapbooking pages finished! I'm absolutely thrilled. I haven't scrapbooked for months and months. So I end my day with a sense of accomplishment.

I also had a great and much needed conversation this evening with someone dear to me (you know who you are). I hope we are much closer because of it. So I end my day with peace and resolution.

We finished term one of the school year today. So I end my day with vacation ahead. Yippy!

God is good!

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Amy said...

The pages are very lovely! And a quadruple YIPEE to the end of school statement! OK, end of term. Whatever.