Monday, December 3, 2007

Helicopter tour

Before starting off on our tour, we were given lots of instructions about what to do, not do, where to walk and not walk, what not to touch, how to use the flotation device, etc. Then we walked single file between the yellow lines to the helicopter. All seven of us had a number and we were to board when our number was called. Toshi was our pilot, a personable man, easy to talk to.

After being in the air a few minutes we came to the army base. Toshi had to get permission to fly by there because sometimes they are doing drills or something like that. The base is on the west side of the island. You can see the looks area looks desert-like.

One of our next sites was Mauna Kea which means white mountain. White because there's snow on it during winter. The observatory is at the top of it as well. Toshi said you can go skiing and then two hours later be on the beach.

Approaching Hilo where we stopped to refuel, go to the bathroom and just have a break from flying.

Here we are before getting back in the helicopter. We are each wearing a flotation device.

More tomorrow.

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