Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas poem

Grandfather's Christmas Rocking Chair

My grandfather loved Christmas
In his rocking chair,
It rocked him back to Bethlehem
And all the glory there--
It creaked with all his memories,
Some happy and some sad,
Mostly he'd rocked with happiness,
Thankful to God he had
A family to love him here,
A big, old Christmas tree,
Children laughing all around,
Their favorite place to be.
Now grandfather's old rocking chair
Sits in the house alone,
Because he's gone to celebrate
A Christmas all his own
With Grandmother in heaven
I know he's happy there,
I just hope God has given him
A Christmas rocking chair.

--Marion Shoeberlein
Taken from Christmas Blessings by June Cotner, 2002

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Amy said...

I love christmas poems... :-)