Monday, May 3, 2010

What we did...

We built.


We played with bubbles.


We talked to fish.


He rode.


She did the hula hoop. (I tried. Ha!)


We played games.


We played other games.


We watched. ("Can I watch something? Can I watch something?")


He slept.


They played music.


We also went to the grocery store, the fabric store, to Target, to the library and to church. I think dh even took the little man to McDonald's.

I sewed three skirts last week, two of which may be seen in the previous picture, although not well (C & K's). I made one for Amy also. Maybe someday I'll remember to post a pic of it.

The beginning of the story is that our friends went to Russia and left three of their children with us. You may read all about their trip at her blog. You may also read about it on the website.

Tonight I was listening to a talk about missions from the Sufficiency of Scripture conference.  One of the first things the man said was about the work of missions:  "You are either called to go down into the well or you are called to hold the rope for those who go down.  Either way there will be scars."  I hope we held on to that rope well for our friends. 


Mom said...

Sounds like a good week.

Mom to Anyone said...

What a great time!