Friday, May 21, 2010

Foto Friday

Foto Friday IMG_2488

This week's challenge was ARCHITECTURE. There is no great stuff outside my door, so here is my first idea for the photo. I wanted to get a picture of the bird houses, but the rain kept me from it.


I really do like the color of our picnic tables! I suppose that a picnic table, no matter how pretty isn't really architecture, so here are a few other pictures taken in Hawaii.


Because of our trip to HI, I've decided that the open-air airport in Kona is my favorite airport. The breeze was relaxing. That whole atmosphere made the typical airport wait so enjoyable.


Here's the house we stayed in. Besides being very green, it was a great place to stay, much better than a hotel.



If I had been brave (which I wasn't) we'd have slept outside in the bed on the porch. But I am NOT a camper by any stretch of the imagination. It just looks inviting.


We had a family worship service right there under that gazebo on the Sunday morning we were there.

Head over to Renaissance to see what the others came up with.


Full of Grace said...

What a quaint and interesting place to stay- I loved it! :) Good Job! :)

Rebecca said...

I think the picnic table shot was perfect-it captured architecture in a way no one else did this week-good job!

That green and pink house looks amazing! So many people posted archived photos this week from interesting places they have been that I felt like a world traveler!

Thanks for participating!