Saturday, May 8, 2010

Regency for the dolls

I made two regency style dresses recently. Kit and Josefina are both modeling the first one. I used Josefina's Christmas dress pattern for both.






Amy put a Spencer jacket on Josefina.  I really like that look.  I'd like to make some of those.  This one came from American Girl.


I'm not sure why the back is rumpled like that, it looks fine in person.

Amy's got a whole line up of doll clothes she wants me to make.  :)  The next one she has cut out involves Winnie the Pooh.  


Christine said...

I was thinking that I should ask you to make a dress of two for Mikayla's dolls - something that I could give her for her birthday. I suppose that is out of the question with Amy's list. If not, let me know.

Amy said...

I think the dress got hooked up in her pantaloons...that's why it looks all rumpled from the back.

Mom to Anyone said...

Pretty. I, too, like the jacket.

Nanci said...

Oh, these turned out so nicely! I definitely like the look of the Spenser jacket with the dress. My youngest has been after me to make a Regency dress and Spenser jacket for her to wear.

Mom said...