Thursday, May 20, 2010

A bit of spring

I'm the first to admit that I love winter. It's probably my favorite season, however one just does not see these things in winter. Here's to spring!


A couple years ago, or was it last year, we bought two blueberry bushes. Of course, they are no where near being bushes yet. In fact, they don't look like they've grown much in the last year. They're about 12-16 inches tall and still look very much like saplings. But this year one of them has blossoms! The birds might get to enjoy about five blueberries this summer. :) Someday I hope to get some myself.


While sitting at the kitchen table schooling I looked out the window to see three different birds at the feeder. I interrupted Amy's reading and asked her to get a picture. So if you're not a bird enthusiast the mourning love is on the left; the brown-headed cowbird is in the middle; the red-wing black bird is on the right.


This guy showed up in the middle of the school interruption. This time I practically ordered Amy to get a picture I was so excited. We've seen the rose-breasted grosbeak here before, but it's a rarity.


This is the second year to have geese at the pond. Yesterday there were three families (one with goslings, two without) visiting. They can be messy, but they're usually gone by summer when we'd be out there. Those little goslings are so fun to watch.

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Mom said...

you all get such good wildlife pictures!