Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Teacher Appreciation Week

DD informed me that it's Teacher Appreciation Week. : ) She made me a pillow that says "Thank You" on it. I don't have a picture of it yet, but I will. She also picked me a tulip and a little bunch of lilacs. I never noticed the detail on this variety, but I continue to be amazed at God's creativity.
DD also cleaned up her side of the work room, WOW! It's so nice and neat, a great place to work for her. I've been informed by both family members that now my side looks worse than her side. : ( I guess, I'll have to clean it up, but not until after I'm done scrapbooking.
I should also mention that our lily-of-the-valley are very fragrant even without flowers. I never noticed that before either. All sorts of new discoveries. We're going flower shopping this weekend for annuals for the pots on the deck. I'm sure we'll see more of God's work then. : )


Mom said...

The place where we had new landscaping north of the deck used to have a bed of Lilies of the Valley. Coming up along the foundation are a few that could not be stopped by the plastic or whatever it is under the bed of rock that is covering the ground there. I was pleased to see that we still can enjoy their pleasant odor. I have enjoyed your many spyings of God's creativity.

Mom to Anyone said...


Anonymous said...

What beautiful flowers! Some of my students gave me roses this week too which has left a nice fragrance and some color amidst the neverending piles of papers that should be graded or filed.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if those are 'Sensation' lilacs? We just bought 5 little ones to plant along our back fence.

My lily of the valley plants are coming up. There should be blossoms in a few days.