Tuesday, May 13, 2008


American Girl is coming out with a new doll, Kit's best friend, Ruthie. Someone on the message board posted that the Joseph Beth bookstores had a display. There happens to be one of those stores in Cleveland. (I'd never heard of that bookstore before.) Anyway, dd decided we had to go there to see Ruthie. She didn't exactly drag me there since I had to drive...the whole time I'm thinking this is costing a fortune in gas to do this. (Absolutely, do not take that personally, dd. I enjoyed doing it with you.) So here's Ruthie.

DD was very excited to get home to make a photo album to post on the message board and that we were the first to see her. ; ) You may see the album here.

We did manage to get school done before we left. That's something I'm happy about. : )

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Amy said...

OK, I won't take it personally. I did enjoy seeing her...and the fact that the thread on the Message Board is up to page 7...I guess everyone else did too! :-D