Saturday, May 24, 2008

Dear Daughter-Creative one

When she was a baby (less than two) she took pictures that we dubbed her "Floor and Ceiling" period. Now she's becoming a young lady and her photography is usually quite good. I'm still thinking on what it should be called. ; )
(The yellow flowers are no more than 1/4" in diameter.)
Oh, and I'm seriously thinking I'll let her take her own birthday picture this year rather than paying someone else to do it.


Amy said...

My, I wasn't expecting you to post those! (well, maybe the flowers, but not me taking pictures of me taking pictures!)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely job!

Mom2fur said...

She's really good! The detail in those pictures is amazing.
Hey, I'm doing an ABCs of creative blogs, and you are my "W" blog!

Tessa said...

Those are really great! I love the self portraits, very creative :)

Mom to Anyone said...

Isn't it exciting to see talent emerge in your child?! Great pictures. (Even the ones of yourself, Amy=)