Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Do you ever read something and say, "Yes, I have wondered that."?

Here's a quote that struck me that way.

"We may wonder why God doesn't just give us the ability to obey perfectly and train the next generation without repeating our own childish mistakes. But this is the whole point: God gets all the glory when weak and frail sinners succeed. The Scriptures give us practical steps for discipline and training, but we cannot leave grace out of the equation. God works through humble sinners. Yes, we must be faithful to do what God says. No, it does not all depend on us. God is faithful."

Jennie Chancey--in Passionate Housewives Desperate for God

I'd like to just have the ability to do lots of things, like be patient, be consistent, be diligent, be purposeful instead of reactionary, etc. But thank God for His grace, mercy, patience, love, etc.

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Mom said...

There is no greater peace than the understanding of God's great love which produced His sacrifice of taking the punishment we deserve. Then - wonder of wonders - He dwells in us, prodding us to do His will; and more awesome still, forgiving us when we fail - over and over again! How can we but fall on our faces before Him throughout all eternity.