Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Traveling and quoting

I didn't realize it had been so long since I posted. Amy & I went to Omaha to visit family this past weekend. We really did have a great time. There was lots of baby cuddling with her new birth-sister; there was lots of laughing and game playing with my parents. We even went to the Country Sampler, which I've decided is my new favorite quilting/fabric store. Thanks to my sister for sharing that one! It's probably a good thing for our budget that we live so far away from there. I did buy one thing, a tie pillow kit. So when I get that made I'll post the picture.

Speaking of pictures, I hope to get some posted tomorrow or the next day.

Oh and thanks to my parents for picking us up from the airport, taking us back there, housing us and feeding us, especially at the odd times of day to accomodate my food needs; and thanks for all the stress-busting laughter!

And finally a quote from Anne of Ingleside:
"The big fireplace was the centre of the home those evenings. It was the high spot of the day when they gathered around it after supper. Anne sewed and planned little winter wardrobes...and sometimes thought of Hannah weaving her little coat every year for the small Samuel. Mothers were the same all through the centuries...a great sisterhood of love and service...the remembered and the unremembered alike."

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Polly said...

I was going to call you tomorrow and ask if you liked Country Sampler. So many fabrics to touch. :-) We stopped at a quilt store in Missouri on our way back from NE. We happened (okay - I saw it) to see a billboard for it and I couldn't resist. I've never seen more fabric in one place! There was fabric stacked everywhere! This was a small town but it wasn't small on quilters apparently! Happy sewing!