Sunday, January 20, 2008

Restful yo-yos

This afternoon one of the few restful things I did was learn to make yo-yos. Amy took a couple great pictures of them. I also started another dish cloth knitting project. This time I'm making it out of Sugar & Cream cotton in ecru so it will actually be useful.

I did several non-restful things today also like make turkey sausage, salad dressing & tuna salad. These are things I prefer to do a different day, but when you run out, you gotta do what you gotta do.

I should also say that the high for the day was around 11 degrees. My favorite kind of weather! I should also say that I'm very thankful for warm clothes, warm car and a warm house. God is good all the time!


Amy said...

Ooh, those pictures turned out good!
LOL - stacking yo-yo's on top of each other is quite the labor. they kept falling I had to only use some of them instead of all of them.
I must make some of those little boogers...They're so cute!

Mom said...

So what is the bigger project that the yo-yos will make? I have seen everything from dolls, to quilts.

momawake said...

I don't have a bigger project as yet. However, I think yo-yos would look good on the jelly bags & doll clothes as a pin type thing. There are all sort of possibilites.

Bethany Joy said...

I tried emailing you about the Love Comes Softly DVDs, but I am still not able to email you. No, I didn't get an email about the DVDs.

Polly said...

I love making yo-yo's! The wall quilt I made in the kids bathroom uses the yo-yo's for the center of daisies. Very fun! I love the fabric!

Polly said...

Forgot to mention... I love your comment about the temperature. I live with a bunch of wimps when it comes to whether. It's been nice and cold here and it's so refreshing! I'm glad there's another whether kindred spirit.