Friday, July 1, 2011

Travels and happenings

Amy & I took off for Pennsylvania Thursday the 23rd. We were both feeling sickly, especially Amy, but we went anyway. Our first stop was to see these wonderful people. We met N last year and this year we added Rebecca to our list of friends. I'm oh so glad we did!



Meeting people we've known via the blogging world has been amazing. Who would have thought!
By the way, I like to show off Amy's guitar-playing.

Next stop was to see The Gothard Sisters. They were in Manheim, PA for the Celtic Fling at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. The fair was a two-day thing.


Having never been to anything like this before I have to say it was certainly interesting. There were people dressed for it.


There was lots of beer, but not a lot of drunkeness. There was lots of loud music and some that was not so loud.

The family group Irish Blessing shared the stage with the Gothards.

Both nights all the bands got together for a Ceilidh (pronounced like Kaylee). The bag pipes started it off.


After the evening was over we went to dinner with the Gothard family at a 24 hour diner. two nights in a row we had dinner just before midnight. While we had a great time we were ready for sleep. So it was nice to be home come Monday evening.

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Sounds like a lot of fun.