Monday, July 11, 2011

My new dress

Well, it's not that new anymore since I made it a little while ago, but here it is.
I used the Prairie Girl pattern by Favorite Things.



I had to alter the arm hole to be smaller and now it's almost too small. It's still wearable, but it could be better. I also made the dickey two inches taller to be modest and I sewed it in instead of snapping it in.

I've also made two dresses for Amy that are almost finished. And I really need to finish the Dream On quilt, but that requires a trip to the quilt shop and there has been no time to do that.


Christine said...

I like the new dress. And I agree, you need to work on the Dream On project.

Mom said...

I really like the dress. It is feminine, modest, and classy looking.