Thursday, July 21, 2011

New doll

Back in May I won an ebay auction for "American Girl Doll of Today Pleasant Co." The description read:

"This doll is in the 2009 catalog, #P1-F880 Light skin, dark brown hair, blue eyes. In the 2011 catalog it has the same doll except with brown eyes. She is in good condition, no marks, scratches chewed fingers or toes, strings a long, sleep eyes work fine, and her limbs are still pretty tight. She is 18 inches tall, head limbs are vinyl the body is cloth jointed at arms and legs, she can stand along. The outfit is Pleasant Co. Buyer pays s&h for a 3 pound package with Priority Mail. Thanks for stopping by."

I won the doll for a great price for an AG doll. I've been watching ebay for quite a while to see what dolls sell for. A trashed doll will sell for around $50 on average depending on the doll. As a side note, if seller starts a listing too high no one will bid. But if a seller starts the bidding lower, bids will often surpass a high starting point.

When the doll arrived she had a strong perfume odor, which to me said it was there to cover up the cigarette smell. On further smelling, I could smell the cigarette odor.


Meanwhile, Amy's Josefina's leg fell off, so we then needed to send two dolls to Dr. Robin. She's a lady we know from various AG message boards. She does an excellent job of repairing ailing dolls. She restrings them, deodorizes them, conditions their hair and maybe other things. It usually takes several weeks to deodorize a doll, so the dolls arrived home early last week.

I have absolutely no desire to be critical of Dr. Robin's work, but my doll still smells like cigarette smoke when I hold her up close. The perfume smell is gone and, generally, she smells good, but not completely.

This doll was originally intended as a gift, but since she still smells a little I don't feel comfortable giving her away. So now I am "stuck" with a new doll. However, after she arrived home from the Doctor Amy said something in passing about her that really didn't register in my mind until yesterday. I was putting clothes on her or rather trying to put clothes on her when I found out that most of the dresses I tried were too small. I mentioned this to Amy who again said that's because she's pre-Mattel. Wow! I ended up with a Pleasant Company doll! Those dolls are fatter than the Mattel dolls, thus the reason most clothes don't fit her.

Picnik collage

Introducing Eilis Maureen
Her name is Irish because of her dark hair and blue eyes. The first name is pronounced isle-esh.

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Mom said...

Next project: An Irish outfit in green, of course; unless you want to go with the Protestant orange.