Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Warming with Betty for Sweet Charity

A few weeks ago someone started a "Handmade--Pay It Forward" on Facebook. The first five people to comment on a post would get a handmade item from whomever posted. The people commenting would then repost and do the same for five more people. (For some reason, I had trouble getting five people to comment, so I reposted and got the last few people for which to make something.) One of the comments was from our friend Charity (she's been Amy's friend since they were little), saying that she'd participate except that she would be too busy making things to sell to raise money for Katya's adoption and for her own violin lessons. I told her I'd include her anyway. Charity has been working hard to help her mother with all sorts of things especially the cooking and sewing. (I'm sure there's more I don't know about.)

My goal is to make each person something and give it to her for her birthday. That will spread it out over this year. (That was the other part--we each have this year to complete the "Pay It Forward".) Charity's birthday is this week.

On Friday I posted a sneak peek of a quilt.

Here's the finished quilt. I did all the work myself, including the quilting which I particularly hate doing. Because quilting is something I don't do very often I don't feel like I'm very good at it and it's just plain hard to do on a regular sewing machine. OK enough whining.


Charity received the quilt today and she said she loves it! So I'm happy.

Oh and I named the quilt "Warming with Betty" because the fabric line is called Hello Betty and last week I needed a "warming" post for photo Friday, so I put the two together. Someday when I see the quilt again I need to put a label on the back with the quilt's name, my name and the year.

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Hope Anne said...

It really touched me (and I think her too) that you sent her that quilt, and esp. that you noted how hard she has been working. She's been an incredible blessing to us always, but the last number of months since we committed to Katya she has worked her self hard! I'm very proud of her! Thank you again for noticing and caring . . . http://bringingkatyahome11.blogspot.com/