Thursday, February 3, 2011

AGFMB Valentine Swap

The swap items are supposed to go out sometime between tomorrow and Monday. Here's my ensemble, minus the hair ribbons I intend to send along.

My assigned person wanted something for Kirsten, so I got to use Bunny Bear's Kirsten pattern for the first time. It wasn't as difficult as it looks.

I knitted a shawl to go with the dress.

I like the sleeve detail.

The dress has a growth hem typical of the time period (1850s).  Here's what Nann from Bunny Bear has to say:
"The fan front bodice so popular in the mid to late 40’s was modified in 50’s. Called the ”O” bodice, fullness was gathered at the waist center front and the shoulder pleats were eliminated.
Jewel necklines and decorated sleeve inserts called jockeys were the norm. Due to the length of trim required, skirts were rarely decorated. Hems were faced to provide stability and to save on more expensive fashion fabrics. Growth tucks were very common.
Based on several period examples, this pattern features a princess seamed back, bishop sleeves, and an O bodice. The skirt has a generous tuck appropriate for a girl of Kirsten’s age."


My talented daughter made me these Valentines to send along in the mailbox I got from the dollar section at Target.  I decorated it with scrapbook paper and other embellishments.


Happymom4 aka Hope Anne said...

WOW!!! I like almost all of your outfits really well, but this one is TOPS . . .

Mom said...

It is a treasure for someone.