Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The completed pile

One thing(s) on the list for the week was to sew the pile of cut-out doll clothes.

This one was in progress already, so it was done first. The fabric came from samples the quilt shop owner gave me. It's a vinyl coated cotton. The samples aren't big enough to get all the pieces on one so Amy came up with this arrangement. :)



This dress was next and I'm calling it Simply Summer. It's a little too big, but not noticeable in the pic. I added the rick-rack because it needed something. The rick-rack came from here. I cannot stand the polyester rick-rack that's sold these days, so I did a search for cotton rick-rack. Discovering that it's still made was thrilling!

The pleated skirt and cropped jacket are both Liberty Jane patterns (made before). I had the blouse already. The skirt fabric was stretchy, a fact I didn't know when I bought it. I supposed I should have checked, but I managed to sew it with little issues, other than I had to be careful not to stretch it while sewing.



The last thing I made from the pile was this little dress. Eventually it will have a cropped jacket and capris to go with it.


I also sewed the quilt binding on a quilt I'm working on for a special young lady. Pictures to come. I started working on a doll outfit for my niece who's got a birthday next week. All that, and it's only Wed. I have had a couple evenings to work this week, so that gave me extra time.

I'm still getting better. My ear is beginning to open up. I can hear a little out of it now. I'm still congested on that right side, but not as often. I hope I'm on the mend, but I've thought that before. Prayers are still appreciated.


Nanci said...

You have surely been busy. Everything looks wonderful.

Pray you are feeling 100% very soon.

Happymom4 aka Hope Anne said...

Love the blue and white outfit! I still hope someday to get an AiG doll to dress. . . . maybe when I'm 65! LOL!
I hope you keep getting well!

Mom said...

The nice thing about sewing a lot is the collection of small pieces of fabric that you can use in creative ways. Your "pieced" jacket is a winner!