Sunday, February 27, 2011

Robins in winter

A good many years ago, a naturalist told us that robins flock together in the winter and that they migrate only regionally, so it may be that the Kentucky robins come to Ohio for the winter?  Also seeing a robin in February doesn't necessarily mean that spring is coming. Last Sunday I saw a lone robin and thought about the naturalist's information.  This last week was particularly wintry. Then on Thursday I saw the flock. I counted twelve or thirteen of them in the tree out front.


I really like that this picture came out well.  Often using digital zoom makes a picture grainy.  This one even looks good on the big computer screen.

How many do you see this tree?


I love watching birds in winter!


Mom said...

I've seen robins off and on for a month or two, and there is always a flock in the median on Burke Blvd by Burke High in the early spring/late winter. I have always thought that odd. There are trees there that have berries.

Christine said...

Where we live there are several birds of prey that we see with regularity. Just last week we watched an osprey with a fish caught in its talons. Amazing! I'll have to see if M captured any good shots -- I was in the drivers seat and handed the camera to her.