Friday, June 18, 2010

Some sewing

The first three pictures are of clothing for a friend.



This pear jacket modeled by Jess was a collaboration between Amy and I.  She picked out the pear fabric and cut it all out.  I picked out the polka dots on a separate occasion without thinking about the pears.  She originally had a plain green for the lining and facing, but we both decided the dots were perfect.  I think Jess looks adorable!


And finally, something for me.  Amy likes to shop at Justice.  Sometimes they have cute, modest items, usually not so much.  While there a few weeks ago I found the white top on clearance and everything in the store was 40% off.  I almost didn't buy it because I wasn't sure what to wear with it, but I did anyway.  After several days of thinking, I had an idea of the look I wanted, something light and flowing, sort of.  I've mentioned before that we have this great book Sew What Skirts.  I was looking through it and discovered this layered skirt that I thought might work.  So, off to Joann with my coupon to see what I could find. What I found was a printed dotted Swiss. It's very light weight and perfect for a double skirt. On another visit to Joann with another coupon I found the lace. When I went to see if the lace looked ok with the fabric, the fabric wasn't there, so I took a chance and bought what was left of it. I'm thankful I did that because after getting it on the skirt there's only about a foot left. Anyway, several days after getting home with the lace I held it up to the fabric and discovered that the roses on the lace match the roses on the skirt almost perfectly. I sent up a "thank you" prayer right then.



Happymom4 aka Hope Anne said...

that's a GORGEOUS outfit, Ann! So very summery and sort of old-fashioned and sweet!

Love the doll projects . . .

Nanci said...

I love your skirt and blouse -- so pretty and feminine.

All the doll outfits are precious.
Great combination of fabrics on the jacket. Amy and you make a great team.

~*Mona*~ said...

You are very talented! Outfits for the dolls AND for the crafter! ;o) You did a wonderful job with all the doll outfits. Your skirt turned out wonderful! I hope to start sewing more clothing soon, for the same reason as your's....the lack of modesty in the stores.

Mom said...

I love the blouse! I makes a beautiful outfit.

Mom to Anyone said...

Beautiful skirt and top! It's so nice to get modest, comfortable, and pretty all in one bundle.

Christine said...

I'm loving those doll clothes! Can't wait.