Monday, June 28, 2010

The beginning of summer

Last Friday I was backing out of the garage and saw something in my side mirror that caused me to look again. After looking again, I stopped the car, went back inside to get the camera. I needed proof that this lady was in our yard, near the garden no matter that there are two motion sensors out that way that make a high pitched noise that is supposed to keep the animals away. Maybe she was deaf.





I don't think she feasted on the garden or on the smaller trees out there, just the apple tree.

From the garden. There's one onion that is flowering. The rest are just about ready to be harvested. Last night we had beets from the garden, the first produce of the year. They weren't as sweet as we expected and wondered why. Could it be they needed more water or could it be the type of beet?


And look at my blueberries! That tiny little bush has quite a few berries. :)



Mom said...

Maybe you won't have a major problem with deer demolishing your foliage since you don't see them every day. An occasional visit is fun. You have such a beautiful place.

Mom to Anyone said...

Second try to comment: Your blueberries made me smile and almost get butterflies in my stomach. I'm hoping to put some in here down the road. Nearly all of our front tree line is flanked by blackberries, and there are black raspberries on the fence around the garden. Blueberries and strawberries would go nicely, don't you think?