Sunday, June 27, 2010



We had an opportunity to go to a baseball game last week. DH had tickets through work. About 10 minutes after we arrived it started pouring down rain. Fortunately, before it started raining we left our seats for cover. We got to watch the ground crew cover the infield. They obviously have had lots of practice since they did this all very quickly. I think it rained hard for 5-10 minutes then stopped. The sun came out blazing. We stayed for four innings before we'd had enough heat.


Besides the heat, I really like baseball, and quite frankly I think I could sit at a game on a daily basis maybe. We used to go to Milwaukee Brewers games in the early 90s before Amy came along. We did take her to one when she was two months old and one when she was four when we went to Arizona for spring training. I think last week was the next time we went to a game although I may have missed a few. There's just something about being at the ballpark, the sounds, smells, the excitement as well as the relaxation. I even like the food (can't eat it anymore, however). As you can see in the pictures, this is not big league, but it's still baseball. Now I know there are way more important things to do than sit at a baseball game everyday, so that won't be happening, but I do hope we can get to a few more games before the season is over. Amy said she was starting to like it also, but the sun was getting too hot. We all came away with sunburn and a few memories.


Mom said...

I love baseball too, but not if the "fans" aren't into the game. I don't like sitting in the hot sun either. I have really enjoyed watching the College World Series on ESPN the last two weeks. The title game is Mon. pm. Will try to watch it. This is the last year for it to be at Rosenblatt. Then the Zoo will use the land for parking, but will retain home plate and a smaller field where kids to play ball. I remember the glory days of AAA ball at Rosenblatt when the Cardinals played and the stadium only held 10,000. I couldn't believe that the CWS has been in Omaha since 1950.

Mom to Anyone said...

Arizona! I don't remember you doing that. Spring training happens in Surprise, near where we lived and across the street from the park and library that we frequented. For residents, spring training is kind of a pain because of the traffic and parking lot congestion.

Amy said...

I like the dipping dots.