Monday, June 21, 2010


Last weekend we went to a Maidens IV concert. Now how to tell the story without it being way too lengthy...
Once upon a time Amy discovered a doll website about some girls who loved American Girls dolls and also were in a band or do they call it something else? I don't know. These girls are the Gothard Sisters. Eventually, Amy got to know them as well as one can online. The sisters travel the country doing festivals and fairs and last weekend they were in Pennsylvania. Somewhere along the line(I suppose Amy could tell it better) the Gothard Sisters found out about Maidens IV, I think through Amy. Last weekend Amy got a text from one of the Gothard sisters saying they were going to try to make it to the Maidens concert, then a few minutes later another text saying nevermind. There was no way to get from there to here in time for the concert.

Meanwhile we went to the concert and during the concert Amy got some texts from one of the sisters, so she had her phone out and it accidentally got left behind. To shorten this considerably, she did get it back on Sunday morning at church. So she had missed more texts, one saying could we get together for lunch Sunday. There was no way that was going to happen on Sunday, so we decided to try Monday. Amy & I met them and their mom at Bob Evans in Youngstown and spent over two hours visiting. They are such a nice family. They'll be back in PA in September, so we'd like to get there to see them perform live.  You might have to click on each picture to see the whole thing.  My computer is cutting them off.



Then on Wednesday, we had four of the Seekers girls over to make wrap skirts, thus all the sewing machines. Amy taught (along with my help) them what to do for each step, measuring, cutting, sewing. For the most part, everyone had a good time. Mom's too. :)



We were both thoroughly exhausted after each event, but had a great time making and keeping friends.

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Mom to Anyone said...

What a fun story! It's so much fun to "walk around the corner" and find something absolutely wonderful and so unexpected.
A sewing party! What a great idea. I'm guessing my boys may not be much for the idea. Will have to wait until Nancy is older ;-)