Friday, June 11, 2010

Puzzles #61-64

In order to have something to post about here are the last four puzzles I've done. The first two were done a couple months ago. The last two were done in the last couple weeks.




64-duplicate Instead of buying more puzzles I'm going to do the ones I have again. :) Although if I see one I really like I probably will buy it. ;-)

I'm still sewing doll clothes. The latest three are for a friend's daughter. I'll post pictures later.

Oh and today I bought a Japanese pattern book on ebay. Once it comes I'll need to figure out how to use it. It's all in Japanese, but there are pictures and I've seen on-line forums that give how-to tips. The clothes in the book are adorable and more modest than what we see here in the U.S. I'm looking forward to the challenge.


Mom said...

Was the one with rounded edges any harder?

Anonymous said...

Those look fantastic! I love the black gingham dress. You'll have so much fun. I almost prefer working with just the diagrams as long as I understand the construction processes that are happening in any given project in Japanese books.

Amy said...

I'm amazed that the Japanese have such modest clothing. I though the opposite, but maybe I've been fed some Western culture prejudgements?

Mom to Anyone said...

I know I asked before, but of course, I don't remember - what do you do with the puzzles after they're done?
A Japanese pattern?! How exciting. I am really wondering how that turns out.

momawake said...

Most puzzles get undone and returned to the box then stored in the basement or if it's a duplicate I'll try to sell it on eBay.