Friday, April 2, 2010


This weeks Foto Friday challenge is EGGS. Go check out what others have come up with by clicking here. Since eggs are a staple in my diet it's not too difficult to get pictures.

Foto Friday IMG_2488

Our eggs usually come from two sources. One is our Amish farmer and the other is my friend. Sometimes, but not often, I get eggs from someone at church as well. The chickens are pasture raised and grain fed. I wish I had some store-bought eggs to show the comparison between fresh farm eggs and factory-farm eggs. The yolks of the farm eggs are a vibrant orange color while factory eggs are rather pale looking. A good documentary on small farming vs. factory farming is Food, Inc. Check it out from your library or get it from Netflix.

Once the eggs make it here they are put in the garage refrigerator. We try to keep at least 10-15 dozen in there. The reason for this is that sometime between November and March there can be a shortage of laying going on. I do not like to run out.

Every morning I eat my eggs. Quite often I eat my eggs as a before bed snack. There are always hard-boiled eggs waiting for a nice protein snack for anybody who needs it. My recipe for egg salad can be found here.


The morning breakfast ritual:

One patty of homemade turkey sausage, chopped; one tbs. of smashed, chopped garlic; two eggs; about a tbs. butter; one hot iron skillet.



To this I add Trocomare, Emeril's Essence and nutritional yeast flakes. I eat this every morning except when dh cooks on Sunday mornings. He adds veggies to it. :)

I absolutely must give thanks to God here for His provision. Without His blessing we would not be eating these wonderful eggs.


Shelbz said...

Love the close up photo of the eggs. They have such a rich and natural color.

Terri said...

My favorite is the 2nd picture. Great colors!

Dana said...

This post made me hungry! ;) Great pictures.

Jemit said...

Love your close ups .. I could almost smell breakfast

Nanci said...

I like the close-up of the eggs in the bowl.

Happymom4 aka Hope Anne said...

;-) We are sure happy to have found a cheaper source for better eggs! ;-) We use a lot around here too, but not so many as you do.

Mom to Anyone said...

This is why I like to have chickens. Hopefully next year.

Complicated Me said...

I love the colors in the second to last picture where the eggs are cooking.

Mom2fur said...

Ooh, yummy. We actually have a big egg farm down the block, but for some reason I never think to buy eggs there. I think I will treat myself, soon. I've had organic eggs and they are so much yummier! (And worth the little extra!)
BTW, I posted a Sew Crafty Friday post today, although nothing is up at Shereen's blog.